granular synthesizer for iOS
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Tardigrain is a granular synthesizer for iOS that runs standalone or as an AU plugin. Sounds are created by taking smaller fragments of a sample and playing them back in a non linear fashion, with settings for grain size, direction, step size and more. Process the sound further through effects like reverb, wave shaper and sample crush.
Tardigrain supports connections with AudioCopy, AudioBus, Inter App Audio and AUv3. Plus all audio parameters can be modulated by MIDI, as AU parameters and by aftertouch on the build in keyboard. Now also a selected set of parameters can be modulated by LFOs och notes triggered by a new sequencer/arpeggiator.
  • Record your own samples or import using AudioCopy/drag'n drop
  • Chromatic granualar playpack
  • Effects (Wave shaper, Reverb, Sample crusher, Pitch and stereo spread)
  • Resonant filter (low, band and high pass)
  • Keyboard and MPE modulation of any audio parameters
  • Note trigger sequencer/arpeggiator
  • 4 LFO sources for modulating a selected set of parameters
  • Multiple factory presets to get you started
  • Save and load your own settings and samples
  • Inter App Audio, AudioBus and AUv3
  • Core MIDI, Inter App Audio MIDI and AUv3 MIDI
Designed and created by Erik Sigth
for iOS (iPhone and iPad)


How to tips

AUv3 Samples

Getting your own samples into a AUv3 plugin can be a bit tricky. Most hosts we have come across do not support sending audio into instruments and AudioCopy requires uri schemes a feature only available in standalone applications. Therefore specifically for this purpose tardigrain has a custom audio copy/paste function.

copy from standalone app
paste into AUv3

Modulation and Aftertouch

All audio parameters can be modulated by MIDI, AUv3 and the built in keyboard. The range bar allows for modulation of only a smaller range of the selected audio parameter. Setting the start position above the end position reverses the modulation.

MIDI mpe and Roli Seabrd Block

Make sure to set MIDI channel to omni beacause mpe works by assigning each note a separate midi channel. The seaboard maps horizontal movements to pitchbend, vertical movements to brightness and touch force to pressure. These options are now available to set in the modulation view.


Note Trigger

The note trigger function is a way to retrigger playing notes in a rhythmical pattern defined by a 16 step sequencer. Each step has settings for levels and probability for triggering. All notes can always retrigger as a kind of global envelope or individual notes can retrigger to create arpeggios.


4 LFOs are available for modulating a selected set of the synth parameters. Even the LFO speed can be modulated by another LFO. To link a parameter to a LFO, double tap the control for that specific parameter.



Found any bugs, missing any features or just want to say hi, please contact me here.